Photo from Dr Mohammed Moncef in Tunisia.
One of the foremost world wide wheat experts.
The seed was treated with OII-YS™ at 2 oz/100 wt of seed.

Observation Notes:

  • Root Mass: The first visual observation that jumps out of the photo is the density
    of the root mass on the treated vs. the untreated. The roots are tighter, bigger,
    fuller and longer in all areas of the root ball.
  • Chlorophyll: The intensity of the green color in the plants stems is extremely
    evident. Where you see the more intense green, those are the areas getting more
    chlorophyll produced. Also important to note is that those sites will produce even
    more chlorophyll and thus will utlimately improve the overall health and yield.
  • Disease: The untreated sample is showing visual signs of disease, especially on
    the back stems. The treated is extremely healthy and every stalk is strong and
    disease free.
  • Stem Diameter: Pay close attention to the overall diameter and fullness of the
    treated. It’s easy to see how the treated is getting proliferation of the stems as opposed
    to the untreated.

Both fields used the exact same protocol of treatment. The only exception was the treated field used OII-YS™ in addition to all the other products used by grower.